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Areas In The House That Are Difficult To Keep Clean

On 18 September 2021

When it’s deep cleaning time at home, and most of the time, half the work is about reaching the traditional places you’re trying to disinfect, and unfortunately, there are certain areas in your home that cannot be reached when conducting a routine cleaning. The tops of kitchen cabinets, under the bed, between blinds, under some appliances, and behind the toilet are some examples of difficult spots to clean. Areas in the house that are difficult to keep clean are usually areas that are often neglected when cleaning

1. Computer Keyboard

Because of the frequent handing of PCs and contact with other dirty surfaces, keyboards are major germ hubs that people don’t clean as frequently as they should and even with a simple surface wipe of the keys, all forms of bacteria still flourish within the grooves around the buttons. If you’re used to eating over your computer, then you are aware of the hidden crumbs in between the keys in keyboard. Not to mention the crunching sounds with each tap of the keys.

To learn more about cleaning your keyboard and other electronic devices read how to effectively clean electronic devices. Here a product which we found and think you may like affordable and does a great job in cleaning your keyboard. You can find it here.

2. Under Big or Heavy Household Appliance

Another absolutely neglected area is under appliances. This refers to spots like underneath your refrigerator, oven, and dishwashing machine, because of the weight and sizes of these appliances, it is usually not easy to lift them when carrying out routine cleaning, except an effective deep cleaning is carried out.

When sweeping every day, you may notice the lurking crumbs and dust underneath, but won’t take care of it until another day, mostly because it’s so hard to reach and the lack of time.

3. Window Blinds

Effective Cleaning of window blinds are usually not achieved easily. It takes time and effort to carefully wipe through each blind. The most difficult-to-clean blinds are the Venetian kind. Yes, it can be a very tedious task, but with the right tools, you can remove dust in a jiffy.

4. Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

The height of the ceiling where fans and other light fixtures are positioned usually determine the routine of cleaning. It’s not a good idea to stand or sit on someone’s shoulders to reach that high ceiling fans of light fixtures (also it’s not safe). You may need to get a portable staircase though, but no need for acrobatics.

5. Tall Furniture and Cabinet Tops

First, you need a trusty duster, if you can, get one with an extendable handle or just use a ladder. If you’re investing in one, purchase one with a rotating top in order to reach angles on top of high furniture and cabinets.

6. Back of the Toilet

Most cleaning tools are simply not made to reach behind the toilet, unfortunately. And sadly, the only way to work in this area is by grabbing a pair of gloves and knee pads and take care of the job by hand.

7. Dishwasher Filter

It’s likely that your dishwasher has a built-in filter that captures small particles and avoids tiny substances from going into your sewage system. Ensure you clean the filter regularly to ensure your dishes are always squeaky clean and never have bad smells.

8. Air & Heating

You know it’s time for some deep cleaning when your HVAC and air covers are looking awfully grimy and dirty.

Contact Residential and Commercial cleaning professionals like Rainbow Cleaning NY. Our deep cleaning services will ensure detailed and customized treatments that will leave no stone unturned. 

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