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How to Care and Maintain Office Carpets

On 26 September 2021

Carpet in high traffic facilities and offices can pose several challenges with time. To maintain appearance and avoid costly issues, it’s essential to implement a carpet care program that incorporates the best tools and methods. Ensuring the proper care of your commercial carpet is essential to its durability and longevity. If commercial carpets are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, their lifespan will likely be shortened, therefore businesses will incur a premature and hefty cost of replacing this carpet.

Consider the following approaches below to care and maintain office carpets:

1. The carpet in your office or facility requires daily maintenance and care:

Office carpets requires daily cleaning and maintenance. It isn’t until a large spot or stain appears that employees take action. However, caring for carpet goes beyond reacting to spills and other problems—it requires daily maintenance and care.

2. Install a proper matting system:

matting a coarse fabric of rushes, grass, straw, hemp, or the like, used for floor covering. Matting is crucial to keeping carpet clean, especially considering that 85% of the soil that enters an office comes from visitors’ shoes. A comprehensive matting program can help to absorb liquids, such as muddy water and snow slush, and capture the first 5 to 6 footfalls of soil before shoes meet carpet. Here’s is a matting i discovered that effectively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping it beneath shoe level to prevent tracking; water dam border and holds moisture keeping it off your floors, you can purchase it at an affordable price here.

3. Regularly conduct visual inspections for spots and stains:

Keep a sharp eye out for spots and stains and make sure to address spills immediately. Train and remind staff to properly address and remove different spills to prevent
permanent soiling.

4. Avoid the usage of wrong carpet cleaning instruments:

Not all cleaning instruments are suited for the same carpet type and construction, so it’s important to select and regularly use the right cleaning instruments. Using the wrong instrument could leave large amounts of dirt and other debris in carpet fibers, leading to soiling and difficult-to-remove stains, it can even reduce the aesthetic value of carpet or damage the carpet.

Here’s a Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner and Upholstery Cleaner i discovered, check it out.

5. Prioritize proper care and maintenance of equipment:

After cleaning carpet, it’s important to properly care for equipment. This can include washing and disinfecting brushes and addressing any buildup in the spray nozzle that may interfere with cleaning. Get this to keep your vacuum cleaner clean always

6. Contact Rainbow Cleaning NY

Rainbow Cleaning can help your business look its best with our floor care services. On top of stripping and waxing and carpet cleaning, we also offer microfiber dusting and mopping, polishing and burnishing, tile and grout restoration, and stone and concrete maintenance. Contact us today for our floor care services!

Do you have other kinds of office floors that requires stripping and waxing, check this article

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