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How to Involve Your Kids to Help With Home Cleaning

On 23 July 2021

Teaching and involving your kids in certain aspects of your home cleaning is very important to you as a parent and the future of your children. By teaching your kids how to clean, you’ll not only get a sparkling clean home, but also give your children a vital skill set that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. cleaning the home without your child — when they’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves — is problematic on a few levels. One, it’s creating more work for you. Two, it’s sending the message on an extremely literal level, that they can’t clean up their own mess and/or that they needn’t bother as someone else will do it for them.

Just as young children need to be serious about their education and other and other formal training; they need to learn the value of cleaning. Here are some ways to teach, encourage and involve them in the home cleaning, not just to get them to do it willingly on a regular basis, but throughout their life.

1. Make it a fun-filled family affair

Rather than sending your child off to the lonely world of cleaning up on their own, do it together, especially at the early stages of clean up task delegation. Do clean ups with children will create avenues where the parent can teach the children practically how to clean certain areas of the apartment. Promote teamwork. Explain to your kids that nobody likes mopping the floors and polishing the windows, but that this must be done if they are to remain healthy and happy. By turning cleaning into a group effort, it’ll be easier for them to accept it as something that everybody, including them, has to do

2. Have your child figure out clean up time into play dates

Is your kid having company in any weekend? Make sure he or she knows that the end of the play session will be devoted to tidying up toys and any other messes made. This may sound a bit difficult— but really it’s just teaching kids that a mess they make is theirs to clean up if they can, and that doing tidying with a friend can help get the job done faster and more enjoyably.

Before playdates begin and end, create an expectation of cleanliness, ensure the standard is met before a friend is invited or arrives. About 15-30 minutes prior to the playdate ending, let the kids know to begin cleaning up. They could either choose to do it together, or your child can go it alone afterward. They will likely enjoy the assistance as it is faster and more fun to clean up with a friend.

3. Make snack allowance dependent on chores, along with bonuses and fees

Money isn’t free in the adult world and there’s a strong argument that it shouldn’t be free in a child’s world, either. Once a child understands how to clean and why it matters, parents might want to start making their allowance dependent on whether they’ve completed their chores. Making housework a business affair will not only help get the kids in line with cleaning up, it will help them better manage their money and time and also take responsibility for their actions as it regards financial matters.

4. Select and play a favorite upbeat song as cleanup is underway

Selecting an upbeat song that kids likes and playing them continually as a carry out chores will usually motivate them as they clean. For example, you can tell your kids that you would want him to cleanup the living room as a particular song is played this song and told my son that he needed to vacuum the living room; this will be a great way to ensure that they’ll do a thorough job.

5. Keep clean up tasks small and realistic

Kid and even adults or teens would want to run away from cleanups when it’s overwhelming and the entire apartment is all in a mess. identify a few small tasks (or, when it comes to kids — even just one task) and get them done. Then you and your kids will have a sense of accomplishment rather than dread when it comes to cleaning. Get a self-empty base robot vacuum cleaner, A bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris here

No matter how careful you are about teaching your kids to clean, sometimes you’re all just too busy working and studying to clean your home. That’s where Rainbow Cleaning NY comes in. We specialize in sending the top cleaning experts in New York straight to your doorstep

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