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Areas Often Overlooked When Cleaning the Home

Areas Often Overlooked When Cleaning the Home

1. Lights and other electricity Fixtures.

electric bulbs, lamp holders ceiling an standing fans are usually not noticed easily during home cleaning procedures. Ceiling fans are wonderful appliances for keeping the temperature in your home even and controlled throughout the year, but as those blades are gently circulating your indoor air, they are collecting a tremendous amount of dust. it is very important to include fans in your home cleaning procedures.

lighting globes, lamp holders and panels usually have dead bugs, spider webs and other unpleasant substances. Simply sponging them down with warm, sudsy water will do the trick. Don’t forget to dust your lampshades, too. If you don’t include your ceiling fan blades in your weekly dusting, make sure to dust and clean them at least once a month. You can either dust with an extended-reach duster or carefully use a stepladder to reach the blades.

2. Window Covers, Blinds and Curtains

areas often overlooked when cleaning the home

Your window coverings can collect lots of dust, dirt and unpleasant smell especially if you have pets and children that makes the home a playground. Some pets spend lots of time sitting in the windows, looking out into the yard, so our curtains collect lots of hair from pets especially cats.

If you have blinds, you can make dusting each slat a lot easier by using a pair of tongs. Wrap a cloth around each arm of the tongs, then just “grab” each slat in the tongs, run the tongs along the length of the slat, and all the dust will come up on the cloths! Repeat for each slat and your blinds will be clean in no time!

3. Knobs and Handles for Doors and Drawers

It’s easy to remember to clean your countertops and other horizontal surfaces, but what about the handles in the bathroom, wardrobes, drawers or kitchen cabinets that you touch every day. This surfaces can contain germs if not properly taken care of, it is important we thoroughly clean this surfaces.

Make sure you thoroughly disinfect your door knobs, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls regularly to keep those germs at bay. Stainless steel is often the metal of choice for things that people touch, like door knobs, kitchen appliances, faucets, etc. but while stainless steel does a good job of looking clean, it isn’t necessarily any cleaner than any other surface.

4. Under and Behind Major Appliances

You can see the dust and dirt on surface tops or under your couch; you may not see them under your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, laundry machine, and dryer. These areas become a breeding ground for dust, grease, and grunge. Even if it’s only twice a year pull these appliances out and scrub underneath and behind them.

It’s a huge pain to move large appliances like your fridge, oven, and washer and dryer, but dust collects behind and underneath them. In the case of your fridge, the dust can collect on the coils and reduce the efficiency of your fridge, and if dust or lint collects in your dryer vent, it could even start a fire!

5. Remote Controls for Electronic Devices

It’s hard for wife, husband or kid’s to stay away from remote especially during the weekend or holidays. Dirty, grimy, sticky fingers spend all afternoon and evening pressing the buttons channel surfing; wipe down your remote controls weekly with a cotton ball doused in rubbing alcohol, and get in between the buttons with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. Remove the batteries first.

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6. Drains in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Drains collect lots of grime. Whether it’s your kitchen drain filled with food residue or shower drains filled with hair, it’s important to regularly clean these areas in order to maintain function. Once a month, take 1/2 cup of baking soda and sprinkle it down each drain. Next, take 1/2 cup of white vinegar and pour that down so the mixture foams. Leave the drains alone for 30 minutes. After a half-hour, boil a large pot of salt water and carefully pour that down each drain to rinse everything clean.

7. Vacuums and other Cleaning Tools

Your vacuum cleaner does the dirty work of cleaning your house, but don’t forget to clean it out as well! Besides just emptying the bin, remember to pull out and clean (or replace) the filters, clean the bristles and brushes, and clean out the bin with soap and water if you can. Every once in a while, remove all of the removable parts of your vacuum and give them a good cleaning with a damp cloth, or in a sink full of soapy water if they are waterproof.

And don’t forget your other cleaning tools! Toss your rags and cloths into the washing machine and wash them. Clean your mops and brooms with soap and water. You can microwave your sponges for a few minutes to get them clean; just get them soaking wet in soapy water, then pop them in the microwave for a few minutes. 

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How to Effectively Clean Your Electronic Devices

How to Effectively Clean Your Electronic Devices

There’s no denying that our electronic devices, especially the hand-held ones like mobile phones and tablets come into contact with a lot of dirt, germs, and grubby surfaces each and every day. But cleaning them isn’t always intuitive: you can’t just dip your tablet or your laptop in some soapy water and call it a day! The pandemic has changed how we live. These days people wear your mask, you don’t touch your face, and you wash your hands several times daily but what about your mobile phones and tablets, smart watches and television? Think about it. You wash your hands and then pick up these electronic devices. All those dirt and germs you just washed away are now replaced with the germs from these devices! And then you probably put that same phone near your mouth and face when you make a call. You do this over and over, all day long, severally.

in this post we’ve prepared the following guide to help you keep your electronic devices effectively. There’s an added perk, too: cleaning your electronics regularly will make them last longer and perform better, preventing diseases and other infections.

1. Cleaning a Laptop and Desktop

If you’ve ever flipped over one of your keyboard keys, you might have come across some serious dust bunnies lurking around, causing your keys to be a little sticky. Indeed, dust can be the culprit of many physical issues with your computer, second to restarting it. Compressed air is the best way to clear dust without causing any damage. For the keyboard, stick the nozzle in between the keys, and blow the dust out; you might have to play some pinball with the bunnies, as they don’t always like being kicked out.

If you have a desktop computer, it’s extremely encouraged to unplug everything, take it to the garage or outside, and open that sucker up. Unscrew or pop off the side and take a look in there. More often than not, you’ll see more dust inside that computer than you knew was possible. And again, insert compressed air can and have at it (bonus points for speed if you have an actual air compressor).

If your keyboard keys are sticking, you can try the method mentioned above: flip up the keys and use a q-tip or small paintbrush to clear the debris. Putting the keys back properly can be tricky, so do this with caution.

A lint-free cotton cloth dabbed in rubbing alcohol is all you’ll need to clean the exterior of your hardware, including the screen and keyboard keys. Get an electronic screen wipe here

2. Cleaning a Flat-Screen Television

While it’s tempting to grab your glass cleaner for this job, Windex is NOT the answer! Glass cleaners can be corrosive. Many television screens have anti-reflective coatings that are sensitive to the chemicals in most cleaners. Skip the harsh chemicals and use a microfiber cloth dampened with water to wipe down the screen and then the bezel and base. If you have any electronics like DVD players or streaming devices, wipe these down too.

Just like smartphones, remote controls can harbor germs and contain buildup from sticky, dirty hands. Remove the batteries from the remote and shake loose any debris. Blast the buttons with compressed air and get the gunk around the buttons and in crevices with a cotton swab. Wipe down all surfaces with your alcohol and water solution. Get a television screen cleaneing kit here

3. Cleaning Mobile Phones

It’s relatively easy to keep your cell phone clean, and the steps are very similar to cleaning your tablet. All it takes is a soft, lint-free cloth and little water, which you can use to gently buffer the entire phone. Don’t allow the phone to come into direct contact with the water.

If you need to clear any of the openings, apply the smallest bit of rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth, and gently wipe away any dirt. Take some preventative measures by using a screen protector film and a phone case.

4. Cleaning Tablets

Begin by turning off your tablet and unplugging any cables that might be connected. Use a slightly damp lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior, avoiding any of the openings.

Avoid using chemical cleaners, even on the screen. A soft cloth and a bit of water should be enough to do the trick: anything harsher can cause scratches or other damages to the device. Get a tablet wipe here

5. Cleaning Gaming Devices

Game consoles, and especially controllers, can get grimy, greasy and dirty from hours of gaming and snacking. Unplug the console and disconnect the controllers before you start cleaning. Spray the cutouts and inputs with compressed air and dust everything with a soft bristle brush. Wipe down all surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth and use cotton swabs to get into crevices.

For controllers, dampen a cloth with your alcohol and water solution. Wipe down the controller and cord thoroughly. Use a cotton swab with the same sanitizing solution and get into the grooves and all around the buttons. Make sure everything is dry before you reconnect the controllers and plug in your console.

6. Cleaning Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches

Your fitness tracker and smartwatch are subjected to sweat and the bacteria from your hands. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with water to wipe off the screen and casing. You can get into any crevices with a small, soft-bristled brush and use your sanitizing solution for buttons. It’s best to remove really dirty bands if they need a thorough cleaning.

Nylon bands are prone to absorbing sweat, so use a dab of dish detergent and a damp cloth to wipe them down frequently. For silicone bands, wipe them down with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and germs. Metal bands should be wiped with a dry, lint-free cloth. If the metal is especially dirty, use a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Leather bands can be wiped down with water and a microfiber cloth, followed by a leather conditioner.

7. Cleaning Headphones and Earphones

Your headphones and earphones can be handled as frequently as a smartphone, so besides germs and bacteria, you’re dealing with sweat and earwax. Disconnect your headphones or earphones before cleaning them. For earphones with removable tips, take the tips off and clean them with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Use a water-dampened microfiber cloth to wipe down the rest of the earphones and the cord. Make sure the tips are dry before putting them back on the earphones.

For headphones, a microfiber cloth and water will get rid of any buildup. Wipe down the surfaces of the headphones and the cord. For crevices and grooves, a small soft-bristled brush will get the dust out. Bluetooth headphones or earphones should only be cleaned with a dry cloth to prevent damage to the electronics inside.

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