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The Guide To A Clean Home During The Holidays

The Guide To A Clean Home During The Holidays

The holidays can be a really tumultuous time for your rugs, surfaces, and kitchen. Just because you’re playing host doesn’t mean that your whole home has to suffer. But it doesn’t mean you have to slave away without enjoying yourself during the actual parties, either. If you think ahead and have a game plan, you can break out of that lose-lose situation and stress less during that time between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

The Floor:

  • Keep your entryways and high-traffic – places where people pass through always- areas clean easily. The secret is throw rugs. Really! Just get two different decorative holiday rugs and switch them out after the family has left.
  • You can also put door mats both in outside and on the inside, and encourage your guests to wipe off the feet before stepping inside, clean this door mats regularly: you can wash with clean water and detergent.
  • Brush your dog outside. Do a deep clean of pet hair before people come over.
  • Oh, no! Your guests dropped their wine glass. Blot it with a homemade detergent of one teaspoon of clear dish soap without bleach in a cup of warm water. If it’s red wine, follow that up with three-percent-strength hydrogen peroxide.
  • Get a self-empty base robot vacuum cleaner, a bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris here

The Dining/Living Rooms:

  • A few days ahead of time, clean your china and glassware.
  • Polish your fancy silverware. Remember, never put silver in the dishwasher. Hand-wash it separately from stainless with non-lemon-scented dish soap.
  • Set your table with chargers for about a week ahead of time. Then, when you go to set it, just wipe away the dust. This tip is less about cleaning and more about training your family and early visitors to not use the dining table as a dumping ground for bills, mail, homework, and etc.
  • Deep-clean these rooms: It’s where your guests will be spending the majority of their time. Dust all surfaces. Then, polish wooden surfaces with this cheap DIY wood polish. It makes messes easier to clean later.
  • De-clutter and dust before your decorate. Decorations get in the way of dusting your surfaces, so pick them up and clean them before you put stuff there.
  • Switch out your tree skirt. One can get covered in pine needles or just filthy from tree water, broken ornaments, and spills. Keep a separate, laundered one for the big day.
  • If someone gets sap from the tree on your upholstery, blot it with rubbing alcohol.
  • For those with metal menorahs, stick them in the freezer and flick off the remaining wax.

The Kitchen:

  • Before you get ready to stuff tons of food into your fridge, give it a deep clean. Toss out old or unnecessary condiments, and wash surfaces. This will leave more room for leftovers later.
  • Make sure your garbage disposal is clean and works well. It’s likely going to get a lot of use. Also, make sure all drains aren’t clogged by using this homemade drain cleaner recipe.
  • When you inevitably spill something on the stove, don’t stress. Pour salt on the mess. Let it soak up the liquid, and then wipe it away after your guests have gone.
  • Have someone take out the trash before, after, and during the hullabaloo. Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of a fresh bag to avoid bad smells.
  • To make your entire home smell good in the morning, brew good-quality coffee. Your guests will probably want some, and it hides unpleasant aromas. Another way to keep your house smelling amazing is to have a simmer pot on the stove.
  • When working with poultry, clean everything multiple times and wash your hands thoroughly!
residential kitchen cleaning


  • If you have the option, encourage your guests to stick to one bathroom. Then, give that one a really deep clean both before and after.
  • Your towels might be a bit musty, especially when you have special, decorative towels that come out once a year. Freshly launder your towels. To get rid of the musty smell, wash them twice, first with baking soda, then with regular detergent. If they’re clean but you just want them to smell nice again, just put them in the dryer for 15 minutes with a fresh-scented dryer sheet.
  • Clean the toilet with leftover soda. Let it sit and then brush it away.
  • Be kind to your guests by leaving a fancy candle, air freshener spray, or some other way to hide any smells.
  • Also, make sure they have plenty of liquid hand soap. Here’s a cheap recipe for it.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet. Yes, people will look. Remove everything, wipe down the shelving, and put back cleaned items that haven’t expired. Make sure to buy medicine people might need, such as basic first aid supplies and antacids.
  • Wipe down your mirrors with vinegar and newspapers.
residential bathroom cleaning

Guest Bedroom(s):

  • Launder the sheets and bedspreads and maybe even the pillows if they smell moldy.
  • Remove clutter and make sure your guests have room and safe surfaces to place their things.
  • Baseboards are noticeable and usually gross. Wipe them down with a dryer sheet.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Stripping and Waxing Floors

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Stripping and Waxing Floors

Stripping and waxing commercial floors is a service performed to help maintain their shine and cleanliness, but it is quite a tedious process. It is a learned skill and starting this process without prior experience will likely lead to mistakes—and possibly even permanent floor damage.

When considering this service, it is best to leave it to the professionals as they know how to best avoid the ten mistakes we’ve listed below.

1. Not Knowing the Different Types of Floors

Before you even start the process of stripping and waxing, you’ll first need to know what kind of flooring you’ll be working with. The different types of flooring are hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile which includes ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Commercial buildings often use vinyl composition tile, or VCT, due to its low cost and ability to withstand high traffic.

Knowing the different types of flooring is important because the care for each type will vary and if the wrong chemical is used, it can be costly and could ultimately damage your floor.

2. Using the Wrong Chemical

This mistake goes hand-in-hand with understanding the differences between the types of flooring. The solution needed for VCT flooring will differ from that of natural stone as they are different materials. Using the wrong solutions will not give you the desired results intended, and carry the chance of ruining your floor.

3. Incorrect Chemical-to-Water Dilution Ratios

It is important to use the correct chemical-to-water dilution ratios as too much or too little of either substance can make your entire solution ineffective, or even permanently damage the floor. Using more chemicals than what is necessary will not make the solution stronger. In fact, it may make the stripping process more difficult.

Incorrect chemical-to-water dilution ratios can also lead to chemical burns and other related injuries from exposure to caustic fumes and unhealthy amounts of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

4. Inadequate Dwell Time

On top of using the correct chemical-to-water dilution ratio to create your solution, you also have to let it sit on the floor long enough to fully penetrate it—without drying. This is known as the solution’s dwell time. Dwell time plays a huge role in the finish removal process and can vary from chemical to chemical. Make sure to check the chemical’s label for directions on proper dwell time.1

5. Letting the Solution Dry

A stripping solution should never be left to dry on the floor as it will make the finish more difficult to remove. This often happens when too thin of a solution is applied. Another cause is if you work in too large of an area and the solution is spread too far for you to complete in time, thus allowing the solution to dry before you even get to scrubbing. 

If the solution is left to dry, you will have to repeat this process all over again because the finish has become harder to remove. To avoid this mistake, we recommend using an adequate amount of solution and working section-by-section to ensure equal distribution and prevent wasted product.2

6. Arriving Unprepared

Not having the right equipment will slow down the entire stripping and waxing process and will result in an unhappy client. Create a checklist of all the equipment needed on site and go over it thoroughly before you head over there. 

The stripping and waxing process involves the use of many items including personal protective equipment, multiple solutions, buckets, mops, automatic scrubbers, scrub pads, safety signs, wet/dry vacuum, and more.

7. Not Cleaning Your Equipment

Always use clean equipment. You will not achieve a clean and polished floor with dirty, used equipment. When performing a strip and wax, line your buckets with a plastic liner before adding any solution inside to help prevent contamination.3

8. Lack of Safety Signs

Safety should always be your main priority when it comes to cleaning. When stripping and waxing floors, utilize wet floor signs to alert others of when the floor is currently being worked on. This will help to prevent any accidental slips or falls.

9. Failure to Wear Safety Gear

It is equally as important to protect yourself as it is to protect others while cleaning. Before starting any floor work, ensure that you have the proper safety gear necessary to accomplish the task. This includes non-slip shoes, gloves, goggles, and face masks that will protect you against the risk of injury and other hazards.

10. Lack of Routine Floor Care

To ensure that your floor remains in optimal condition, we suggest performing a strip and wax every six months. Lack of routine floor care allows small problems to continue developing overtime and present bigger problems in the future. to remedy this issue, get a self-empty base robot vacuum cleaner, a bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris here

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Commercial Rainbow Cleaning Corporation follows premier industry standards to provide the best quality service, utilizes advanced technologies for optimal results, and works with green cleaning products to prioritize your safety.

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